The prolonged lockdown has brought about a set of challenges on one front, but on the other, it has also offered unique and innovative solutions such as the use of 3D printing and injection moulding to help augment the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that are being used by doctors, nurses, policemen and other frontline COVID-19 fighters.

Face shields, part of the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) category, are now being created with the use of 3D printing to add to supply chain and production capabilities.

 Face shields are typically used to protect healthcare workers by reducing direct contact with infectious and hazardous materials splash, splatter, and spray.

A face shield is extremely important in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) setting.

When health care workers are working with severely-contagious patients that require intubation and then continuous ventilation, respiratory therapists and nursing personnel need face shields.

Protection of the eyes and face from aerosolized particles in a super infectious setting is critical. Eye goggles can be used, but they have a few drawbacks.

They fog up in stressful situations and cannot be worn with glasses.

Removing the goggles can sometimes result in inadvertent contamination to the face.

A face shield is much easier to remove, they don’t fog up and are much more comfortable to wear over longer time periods.

Face shields need to be used in concert with other PPEs like gowns, mask, gloves and hair covers.

Product description:

The bullet points of the product are as follows:-

● We are not using foam in our face shields as due to the sweat in this hot weather and   non-functionality of centralized air conditioners, the foam is catching bacteria which in turn is creating bacterial infection on the human skin.

● The headband used in our face shield is made of the material polypropylene copolymer. The grade of material complies with undue toxicity test as per E.P. and skin irritation test as per I.S.

● The sheet cover which we will be using is PET at 300 microns, as to balance the weight and quality of the product.

● The sheet cover will be laminated both sides as it won’t have any scratch before reaching the end-user.

The Need

There is a shortage of Face Shields at hospitals for medical responders who are testing and treating COVID-19 patients.

Medical responders need to be protected from respiratory droplets from coughing and sneezing.

Even though many individuals and groups are designing and manufacturing face shield frames for these responders, many of the designs are not optimized for high-density optimized additive manufacturing and cannot be accessed locally.

A third of hospitalized coronavirus patients, those suffering from the most severe symptoms, need a medical tube inserted in their mouths and down their throats to help them breathe, a process called intubation.

Intubated patients often cough and gag during the high-risk procedure, propelling spit and other bodily fluids onto the faces of medical staffers.

Normally goggles and N95 masks would be enough to protect medical personnel from catching serious illnesses like HIV, but since coronavirus is so contagious, most staffers prefer wearing face shields.

A mask and goggles is not adequate for Covid-19. There are gaps all around the goggles that expose the eyes and elsewhere.”

“If you have an N95 mask and you don’t have a face shield, you don’t have any protection,”


FDA Approved

Superior protection of eyes and face by reducing direct contact with infectious splash, splatter, and spray from blood, saliva, body fluids, and hazardous materials

Face shield is used by medical, dental, emergency healthcare works, and many other industries where face/eye protection is necessary

Full-length face shield accommodates eye glasses, goggles, and half-face respirators

Lightweight design allows for comfortable and extended wear

Adjustable cord lock stoppers easily tighten or loosen the fit making this a one-size-fits-all

Shield is made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic allowing for maximum clearness and full peripheral vision

Quick and easy to wear and remove

The face shield provides excellent visibility, is optically clear, and distortion-free

Resistant to fogging

Latex free
Face Shields are more comfortable

With the wrap-around advantage, face shields protect the entire face

Face Shields don’t heat up the face, whereas wearing masks do

Glasses fit comfortably under the medical face shield

Face shields, even disposable face shields, are easy to clean and disinfect

Inexpensive and easy to buy

Face shields naturally remind the wearer not to touch face

Instant Shielding form unexpected break in physical distancing

Being able to see through face shields enables lip reading for deaf and hard-of-hearing communication

Glasses don’t slide down or fly off like they do with the face masks (caused from humidity that loosens the hold on the glasses around the nose)

Face Shields offer you the opportunity to eat while wearing a face shield – just be careful.

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